• Cindy KANG, Partner

    Educational Background 


    Intellectual Property course, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

    Master’s degree in foreign languages and applied linguistics, Tsinghua University

    Bachelor of Arts in English of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology


    Professional Experience


    Cindy Kang is a founding partner of ConZen as a lawyer and a trade mark attorney, based in Beijing. She has been practising IP law for over eighteen years. Cindy qualified and obtained a license to practice as a Chinese lawyer (Beijing) after first obtaining a master’s degree in foreign languages and applied linguistics at Tsinghua University. Before joining ConZen, Cindy practised in the field of IP as an executive at Rouse & Co. International (Holdings) LLP., a global leading IP firm, associate at Lehman, Lee & Xu, China's leading corporate & commercial law firm, and trademark attorney at Liu Shen & Associates, China’s top patent and trademark law firm.


    Cindy’s expertise focuses on providing brand advisory, trade mark portfolio management and enforcement services to both domestic and international companies. She has a vast amount of experience representing different types of clients from tech start-ups to medium-sized enterprises and large multi-national companies on matters concerning trade mark clearance, prosecution, opposition, cancellation, acquisition, as well as litigation before the People’s Courts. She also advises on related rights such as design protection, recordal of copyright and domain name registration. Many of her clients are leading companies in diverse industries such as technology, food, clothing, skin and beauty care, energy, wholesaling and retailing, publishing, and toy manufacturing. Over the years, Cindy has successfully handled complex prosecution cases, such as overcoming an absolute grounds refusal based on morality raised against the housemark of a global manufacturer of foodstuffs. She also assisted a UK fashion retailer in defeating a bad faith application through administrative litigation proceedings.


    Cindy is a member of the China Trademark Association and International Trademark Association (INTA).


    Cindy is a native speaker of Chinese (Mandarin), and she is also fluent in English.


    Contact Information:


    CP: 86-139 1008 4522

    T: 86-10-6493 4498