• Arthur Chiu—Consultant


    Education Background

    JD, University of Kansas

    BA, University of Pennsylvania


    Professional Skills and Experiences

    Arthur is a professor at the University of International Business and Economics, and a senior legal counsel at Congzhen Law Firm (focusing on international and US legal affairs).


    Arthur has represented Chinese and American companies for many times, dealing with a wide range of civil and commercial law, legal affairs management and regulatory policy compliance, contract negotiation and drafting, project establishment and financing, enterprise establishment and business development, and has extensive experience in international legal business.


    Arthur's core professional strengths include: facilitating the successful completion of projects, financing investments and other commercial transactions; proficient in identifying legal risks, legal research, legal analysis and legal and commercial dispute resolution; adept at minimizing and resolving legal issues for clients risk; and can effectively resolve legal and commercial issues for clients with excellent organizational management and communication skills.


    Work Language

    English and Chinese


    Contact Information:

    E: info@conzenlaw.com
    t: 8610-64934498