• — Recruitment —

    Position Title:Partner, Lawyer, Legal assistant, Intern

    Education:Bachelor degree or above

    Work experience:Two years above is preferred

    Office location:Beijing

    Job requirements


    1.Partner should have 8 years experience in law firm;


    2. Lawyer should have three years work experiences;


    3. Legal assistant should have passed the national judicial examination, or have related experience;


    4. Intern should have strong oral and written communication and coordination skills and teamwork skills;


    5. Applicants are skilled in listening/ oral/ read/ written English, and proficiency in German, Japanese, French, Korean and other languages is preferred;


    6. Interested applicants should send CV to the following address:

    Human Resource Section

    1012B, Kuntai International Plaza, No. 12 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, PRC

    Alternatively, you can send your CV by E-mail to info@conzenlaw.com 

    Contact No.: 8610-64934498