• Michael CHENG, Managing Partner


    Education Background


    International commercial arbitration, BPP University, London

    Master of intellectual property, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago

    Master of Law, China university of Political Science and Law

    Master of engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology


    Professional Skills and Experiences


    Michael Cheng is the is the managing partner of ConZen law firm. He is the qualified Chinese lawyer, Chinese Patent Agent, Arbitrator and Judicial Appraiser. He worked for SINOPEC as engineer, for Vivien Chan & Co, Lehman, Lee & Xu, Zhonglun Law Firm in turn as legal counsel, patent attorney and partner.


    Michael’s main professional field includes intellectual property affairs and arbitration, including the commercialization of intellectual property and licensing, the protection of intellectual property rights, intellectual property management and dispute resolution, domestic and foreign patent infringement lawsuit, patent invalid, licensing and transfer; and

    commercial arbitration.


    Social Activities


    Michael has been engaged as an arbitrator in several arbitration commissions.


    Michael has been selected as "100 high-level talents as intellectual property industry" of the state intellectual property office and the expert of the state intellectual property office.


    Michael has also been regarded as leading foreign counsel of Ministry of Justice.


    Michael is engaged by Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Judicial administrative agencies as legal counsel for the Winter Olympics of 2022, and Xiong An New Area.


    In addition, Michael is an off-campus mentor of Tsinghua University and Beijing Information University.



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    China Intellectual Property Index Report, Intellectual Property Press, 2009-2017.


    Work Language

    Chinese and English


    Contact Information:


    CP: 86-139 0104 5271

    T: 86-10-6493 4498