• Practice Area

    Intellectual Property:


    We have a full-service intellectual property capability, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, trade dress and other legal issues related to this area. Our scope of service includes the following:



    · Counseling clients on the patentability of inventions

    · Conducting prior art search and providing opinions on freedom of marketing

    · Preparing and drafting patent specifications and claims

    · Filing and prosecuting patent applications before the Chinese Patent Office

    · Providing opinions on the validity of patents

    · Preparing and filing request of invalidation to the granted patents

    · Defending clients in invalidation procedures

    · Providing technical support for licensing and litigation

    · Enforcing patent right against infringers



    · Advising on whether a trademark can be registered

    · Conducting trademark searches

    · Preparing, filing and prosecuting trade mark applications

    · Preparing and filing trademark review, opposition and cancellation requests

    · Defending clients in trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings

    · Advising on trademark licensing matters, drafting license agreements and recording agreements

    · Advising on validity and infringement of clients' and third party trade marks

    · Monitoring trademark publications



    · Copyright clearance counselling and ownership/chain of title issues

    · Copyright subsistence and infringement

    · Copyright due diligence

    · Database right subsistence, ownership and infringement.


    Trade Secrets

    · To design and establish appropriate protection system for trade secret

    · To verify and assess the trade secret before the dispute

    · To take civil and criminal action against the infringement on trade secret.

    Corporate Issues:


    We have placed Corporate law at the core of its practice and development since our establishment, which includes:

    · Company establishment and daily management;

    · Equity structure design of the company;

    · Company restructuring, reorganization, acquisition and merge;

    · Finance and securities, including securities issuance, listing, assistance in financing projects, infrastructure, etc.;

    · Investigation of foreign investment and business affairs, including assisting in the design of investment structure, due diligence and obtaining approval according to law.

    Dispute Resolution:


    We represent domestic and international clients in litigation, arbitration, mediation and settlement discussions. Specific services include the following:



    · Representing clients in civil litigation trials, appeals and execution procedures

    · File re-appeals in civil litigation

    · Represent clients in civil and criminal intellectual property rights enforcement actions

    · Represent clients in employment related arbitration and litigation

    · Represent clients in the preservation of pre-trial evidence and assets

    · Conduct due diligence regarding the execution of judicial rulings

    · Apply for the execution of judgments and arbitration awards



    · Design dispute resolution strategies and policies

    · Represent clients in negotiations, arbitrations, mediation and settlement discussions

    · Represent clients in civil and commercial arbitrations

    · Represent clients in employment related arbitration and litigation

    · Issue legal analysis in connection with PRC and foreign substantive and procedural laws