• Ruishuang LIU-Consultant


    Education Background

    JD, Beijing University


    Professional Skills and Experiences

    Mr. Liu Senior medical litigator, who has handled many medical litigation cases, has rich experience in assisting medical case experts to appear in court, and has many years of experience in the medical and legal industry.

    Social Activities
    Deputy Director of Department of Medical Ethics and Law, Peking University;

    Master's tutor at Peking University Law School;
    Member of the Biomedical Ethics Committee of Peking University;
    Member of Ethics Committee of Peking University Cancer Hospital;
    Member of the Medical Research Ethics Committee of Peking University Third Hospital;
    Member of the Medical Ethics Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association;
    Member of the Standing Committee of the Monitoring and Evaluation; Committee of Assisted Reproductive Technology of China Maternal and Child Health Association;
    Member of the Medical and Health Special Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association.


    Legal Aacademic Works

    China's Medical Litigation and Medical Alert Blue Book (Volume 1 • Liver and Gallbladder);

    Participated in the compilation of "Health Law", "Medical Law" ; and

    " New Solutions to Medical DisputeProblems".


    Work language

    Chinese and English.


    Contact Information:

    E: info@conzenlaw.com

    T: 86-10-6493 4498