• Tom Carver—Consultant


    Education Background

    JD, University of Brest

    Bachelor of Genetic Engineering, University of Nottingham


    Professional Skills and Experiences

    Tom has worked in a number of well-known British law firms successively, including serving as the chief representative of a well-known British law firm in China and a British patent attorney.

    Tom's practice areas include patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright litigation. He has extensive patent litigation (infringement and validity) experience, including advice on threat clauses, in trade fairs, online and customs seizures, and pharmaceuticals, medical and mechanical devices, and electronics in China.

    Tom is an expert on the Help Desk for IP SMEs in China. Tom's clients include intellectual property management for Western clients including Dyson, who participated in the UK's first patent case involving GMOs, Monsanto v. Cargill, and the UK's first patent case on DNA sequences, Conor v. Angiotech and Eli Lilly v Human Genomes Sciences.


    Work Language

    English and Chinese